Got Mail? currently provides you with two nice and fancy webmail portals:

Strange Attachments?

Some people have been complaining about messages containing strange warnings about wrong format of the received email. Please tell you friends to use valid e-mail clients such as Sylpheed/Sylpheed-claws, Thunderbird, Evolution or new versions of Outlook (not Outlook Express). If you receive strange attachments from trusted people it may be a gpg/pgp signature and your using a mail client without proper standart support. Please upgrade.

Configuration help allows for getting pop3 and imap as well as smtp sending; pop3 and imap support optional ssl. Here are the options for your favourite mail client:



Do you have questions about encrypting mail via gpg/pgp? Read my nice little (german) manual about it here


For further questions feel free to contact andreas.bierfert[AT]